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INSIDE THE TIGERS • Detroit Tigers Home • Detroit Tigers Stories • Cutoff Man Blog • Tigers Minor League • Tigers Podcasts • Detroit Tigers Forum • Detroit Tigers Photos • West Mich. Bonine struck by line drive, Tigers' No. EMAIL NEWSLETTER Tigers Updates Your email address: You must respond to a confirmation email to activate your subscription. Zip code: Check here if outside U.S. Gender: M F See our privacy policy. Want updates about new features and special offers from this site, affiliated sites, publications & companies? Yes  No Younger than 13? 9px; color: #977f46 ! AP PhotoNew York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez (13) chats with Reggie Jackson, while Yankees manager Joe Girardi (27) talks to Yogi Berra during opening ceremonies for the Major League Baseball All-Star game Tuesday. NEW YORK -- Forty-nine Baseball Hall of Famers walked out from behind the center field wall instead of making a grand entrance fro...
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